1st XI Match Report – 30th July 2016

Graham Shorter This week’s unique rantings, ramblings and match analysis from Mr G Shorter…

 Ripley vs GCC

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Day of Cricket, the sport, the winner. Do it for the game. Nobby Stile (singular, just the one). Ultimate toss decision confusion palpable during warm up and match potential outcome discussion. Best option, lose the toss, one up to us, successful loss. First win of the day. Cockle in actual bat ownership discovery, rented version has run out runs, hand back to previous owner, thanks for the lend. Ive receives internal grief courtesy of Rodney run rate abuse and ball faced retirement claim. One team, one GB, ultimate spirit, grief to all, from us all. McPhee suicide watch during in form then massively out of form run accumulation scenario. Griller sick, Charlie Sheen and Rodney McPhee deplorable illness cascade. Cummings grasses tough chance then clings on to a couple of stunners, sort of. Cockle, I don’t believe it (or close to that). Overseas weight gain programme commenced courtesy of anorexia concern. Svitz. Cooee James hits line and length in wicket taking blitz. Pickles excessive dating, again, this is not a coincidence any more. Stu C responds with class to late call up – posh tash finger standing fine. Jackson late to social engagement due to late finish. Cockle errant Pateley Bridge direction of social travel. Smith age concern admission hounded by multiple interest (16, maybe 17). Short almost accidental six denied by slightly longer boundary this week. Empty bed side table leads to post match panic phone call. Shorter targets league table second half fall away – scooter awareness delay halts more immediate plunge. Do it for cricket. The winner. Cricket wins. One for the game. Mani beckoned for curry and brocket night. What next?, cricket, winning cricket.

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