1st XI Match Report – 13 August 2016

Graham Shorter This week’s unique rantings, ramblings and match analysis from Mr S Ghorter…

GCC v Blubberhouses

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Toss Fosters. Toss debate, as usual. Toss loss, required. Toss win, unexpected. Bowl please. Cockle outrage, catch grass protest registered. Richard Wilson premature Ive consignment to ground. I don’t believe it. I do. Rodney finally able to change bat grip. Svitzy. Fresh hips for dad’s army. Bed side table re-populated. Ginger removal shower scrub following wicket flurry. Absence fine (x3). 7-2 field, 10 over observation time. Kash Bahn. Brother of Cummings. Cummings bowls Ive a jaffa. Tall less fat Gat. Ball of the century, courtesy of Cummings. Kash Bummings. Proper teas. Team 1 fond of the open sandwich. James suffering from wind. Wind later died down – Cockle was right then. Bishop Fosters jealousy. Regular Frosty field tweakage. Shorter authority evaporating. Smith steroid overload. Long throws. Overthrows. Movember preparation, in August. Bum fluff. Bummings fluff. Wilks scaffolding threat. Easy like Sunday morning. Red wine sniffed out. Communal Goldsborough changing room. Campbell on a leash. Platts holding the lead, and the can. Cant’s go up, can’t go down. Post game Fosters. Win for the army.

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